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Nepal Beema Pradhikaran /Nepal Insurance Authority (NIA) Vacancy 2080

Nepal Beema Pradhikaran /Nepal Insurance Authority (NIA) Vacancy 2080

Nepal Beema Pradhikaran /Nepal Insurance Authority (NIA) announces the commencement of the recruitment process for several positions through an open and inclusive competitive examination. This initiative comes as per the guidelines and approval from the Public Service Commission, adhering to the Beema Committee Staff Service, Terms and Conditions, established in 2068. The recruitment aims to fill permanent vacancies listed in the NIA's vacancy announcement.

Positions Available

Assistant Director (Officer Third) - Administration

Assistant Director (Officer Third) - Legal

Assistant Director (Officer Third) - Information Technology

Assistant (First Level) - Administration

Key Information for Applicants

Application Process: 

Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply through the NIA's online application portal at https://vacancy.nia.gov.np. Late submissions will not be considered.

Examination Format: 

The selection process includes written, practical, and interview stages, with details provided in the syllabus for each post.

Examination Authority: 

The Public Service Commission will oversee the written examination.


Application fees vary by position level, with Officer Third Level at Rs. 1200 and Assistant First Level at Rs. 700. Additional charges apply for inclusive group applications.

Application Deadline: 

The final date for submission is 2080/11/26, with an extension for double payment until 2080/12/03.

Age Requirements: 

Age limits are specified for each position, with concessions for existing NIA employees.

Application Fee Payment

Electronic Payment: 

Applicants are required to pay their application fees electronically via platforms such as eSewa, Khalti, or connectIPS, directly through the NIA's online application form.

Document Submission

Required Documents: 

A comprehensive list of documents must be uploaded with the application, including:

  • Nepali citizenship certificate
  • Academic qualifications (with equivalency or affiliation certificates, if applicable)
  • Work experience certificates
  • Documents for inclusive group candidates
  • Formats accepted: PDF, JPG, PNG

Applicant Responsibility: 

Accuracy and authenticity of the information provided in the application are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Selection Process

Pre-Interview and Interview: 

Notification of the written test results will precede the scheduling of pre-interview tests and interviews.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary Structure: 

Remuneration and benefits for the selected candidates will align with the Beema Committee Staff Service, Terms and Conditions, 2068.

Educational Qualifications

Officer III, Administration Group: 

Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.

Officer III, Legal Group: 

Master's degree in Law.

Officer III, IT Group: 

Advanced degrees in IT-related fields such as MCA, M.Sc.CSIT, M.Tech, M.E.C.E, M.Sc.ISE, M.I.C.E, or equivalent.

Assistant First, Administration Group: 

Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.

Inclusive Group Document Submission Special instructions for inclusive group candidates include:

Tribal Groups: Certification based on the Nepal Tribal/Tribal Upliftment National Foundation Act list, with additional documentation for surname verification within the listed castes.

Madhesi Candidates: Official certification as Madhesi, either through the government-specified organization or through certification by the chief district officer.

Dalit Candidates: Certification based on the National Dalit Commission's list, with provisions for surnames within the listed castes.

Eligibility and Application Process

Qualification Deadline: 

Eligibility criteria such as educational qualification, service period, age, and experience must be met by the application deadline. Note that periods of dual employment will not be considered for eligibility.

Restrictions for Current Employees: 

Current employees of the Nepal Insurance Authority cannot apply for positions within the same category.

Application Acceptance: 

Applications not submitted within the specified timeframe, lacking minimum qualifications, failing to include required details, or not accompanied by the prescribed fee will be rejected.

Foreign Qualification: 

Applicants with qualifications from foreign institutions must upload scanned documents verifying equivalence, as determined by the appropriate authority, before the application deadline.

Disclosure Requirement: 

Applicants must clearly indicate the categories/groups they are applying for in the prescribed format.

Written Test Requirements: Candidates are required to use a black pen for the written examination.

Examination and Syllabus Information

Syllabus Access: 

The latest syllabus for advertised positions is available on the Nepal Insurance Authority's official website at www.nia.gov.np.

Examination Admission: 

Candidates must present their complete citizenship certificate and admit card, which can be downloaded from the online application system, when appearing for the written examination. 

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